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SUMMER & FALL activities

Summer under the midnight sun means the adventure never stops and when fall comes we chase the magical northern lights together!

With the midnight sun offering delightful sunlight all day and night, there is plenty of time to join activities, relax, and repeat. Go on a lovely guided Husky Walk through the forest or grab a bike and hit the trails. Jump into the lake or one of the many rivers for a nice swim or just to cool off. Grab a fishing rod and try your hand at catching dinner for the evening! In the fall, join us on one of our Northern Lights activities or maybe a berry-picking hike? Come on a river rafting or canoe tour and see the forest from a different point of view. There is never a down season in Swedish Lapland!

Summer & Fall


Husky Activities

You don't necessarily need snow to do fun activities with our huskies, even if summer is their vacation time of the year. We offer everything from kennel visits and husky walks to joining us in the autumn training for the winter season. Summer is also the time when we welcome our new family members in the kennel - our irresistable puppies!

*Available at: PTL, ARL, LVL and AML

Northern Lights Activities

When autumn's colors begin to spread in nature, the chance of the northern lights also increases. Whether you want to go on an Aurora hike, spend the night in one of our Aurora Hideaways or just sit in the jacuzzi and watch for this spectacular light show in the sky is up to you. If you are lucky to spot it, it will be an unforgettable experience!

*Available at: All five Lodge's


Mountainbiking is an excellent way to explore our surroundings and nature in summer and fall. Cycle at your own pace on our suggested trails through miles of forests and rest at a forest star and just enjoy the silence. We have mountainbikes and helmets available for rent and you can also book a packed lunch to bring on your tour.

*Available at: All five Lodge's


We offer fantastic hiking trails in varied nature, length and degrees of difficulty to suit everyone. Each season has its own charm and sets the scenery for your hike. Early summer when nature comes to life, summer when the sun never sets and autumn with its vibrant colours. Join us on a guided tour or stroll off on your own.

*Available at: All five Lodge's

Canoe & Kayak

If you haven't tried canoeing or kayaking in Lapland, we can highly recommend it! You can start by practicing the technique in calm waters near the lodges and when you feel ready, you can go on a longer trip along rivers and streams in untouched nature and enjoy your newfound love of canoeing. All the equipment you need is available for rent.

*Available at: PTL, ARL and GAR

River Rafting

Let's go for a river day tour on Lainioälven - one of the oldest rivers in Northern Scandinavia. It runs mostly through completely uninhabited areas so you can really enjoy and explore unspoiled nature. We'll find a nice spot for an outdoor lunch on a sandy shore and just bask in the sun.

Note: Not to be confused with white-water rafting - everyone can join on this trip! 

*Available at: PTL

Reindeer Visit

We want you to love Lapland as much as we do and invite you to join us for a reindeer visit and learn a little bit about Sami culture. We offer a variety of activities depending on the lodge your staying at. What they all have in common is that you will greet and meet our arctic friends in a genuine environment! 

*Available at: LVL, PTL and GAR

Moose Visit

Come and meet the majestic king of the Swedish forest - the moose. We offer guided visits to the Arctic Moose Farm where you can pet, feed or even kiss a moose for a unique selfie! The visit is ended with homemade Swedish "fika" and warming coffee.

*Available at: GAR

Quad Driving

Take a driving tour in our ATV quad bikes, 2 seats with seatbelts and a safety cage around you. Drive on nice nature trails with great
surroundings. Your guide leads the way through the adventure and if you are lucky we will see some wildlife along the tour.

Note: The driver needs a drivers license for car or A1.

*Available at: PTL


If you enjoy, or like to try fishing, you've come to the right place! Experience excellent fishing around the clock under the midnight sun in pristine rivers, or enjoy the tranquility from the shore of one of our many lakes. Fishing lessons and equipment rental are available at some lodges.

*Available at: All five Lodge's

Fishing in Kangos

In Kangos near Pinetree Lodge you can experience real wilderness and first class Salmon fishing in the Lainio River, home of the Baltic Salmon. ‍If you prefer lake fishing, there’s no less than 156 lakes for you to explore.

Gold Panning

Go with an experienced guide and learn how gold panning is done. An activity that is exciting and relaxing at the same time. Once you've learned the basics, you can continue on your own in our Gold camp and practise your skills in a natural environment. All the gold you find is yours to keep and take home.

*Available at: AML

Midnight Sun Activities

From the middle of June to the end of July, we experience neverending days in the northern parts of Sweden, due to the midnight sun. This means that instead of the limited hours of the day, you can now do exciting activities around the clock if you want. We have lots of fun to offer if you are not afraid of mosquitoes!

*Available at: All five Lodge's

Local Activities

Learn more about our traditions and nature and become one with Lapland! Join us on a nature walk in the forest to collect impressions and edible mushrooms and berries or try Sami handicrafts and carve your own "kåsa" (wooden cup). The activities may vary between the lodges.

*Available at: All five Lodge's


A visit to Torne Valley is not complete without a traditional Swedish sauna! The perfect way to unwind and relax after a day of experiences and activities. If it gets too hot, the river or lake is not far away for a cooling bath. Each lodge has their own unique sauna with the option to book private sessions.

*Available at: All five Lodge's


Sitting in a outdoor jacuzzi on a summer evening is a lovely way to enjoy the midnight sun. If you're lucky in fall, you may even see the dancing northern lights appear! This activity can only be booked for private sessions, so you and your family and friends can unwind together exclusively.

*Available at: All five Lodge's

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