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When the temperature drops, the adventure rises!

Winter in Lapland is magical beyond imagination. Join us for a day on the husky trail or drive a snowmobile. Snap into some skis or strap on some snowshoes and explore the forest. Enjoy the snow-covered landscape under pastel skies.  Join us on a tour to visit some of the locals and get to know more about Lapland’s culture. When the days are short, the chances for spotting the Northern Lights are higher. After a day of adventure, head to the sauna to relax and enjoy all vacation in Lapland has to offer. ​​​​​​​Just scroll down to read more about our various snowy winter adventures!



Husky Tours

Go from 200 decibels to near silence. There is nothing like driving your own dog sled team through a winter wonderland. With two feet on the sled and towering pines rushing past, witness the strength of huskies doing what they do best. Whether you are on the sled for a few hours or a few days, it will be an experience you will never forget.

*Available at: All Five Lodge's

Snowmobile Tours

Head into unmapped wilderness and see the Arctic like few have ever seen! Feel your heart beat quicken as you hit the throttle and get deep into the forest on one of our many snowmobile tours. Adventure into the low tundra or the rich taiga on a guided tour complete with lunch outside and coffee by the fire. We even offer overnight tours with accommodation in a traditional cabin.

*Available at: All Five Lodge's

Northern Lights Tours

Swedish Lapland is one of the best places in the world to spot the magical Northern Lights. Which way to experience this natural phenomenon is up to you! Head out for a night by the fire on a snowmobile, or comfortably seated in a snowmobile sled, or join us on a evening husky tour. If something cozy is what you fancy, sneak off to our Aurora Hideaways for a magical night under the stars.

*Available at: All Five Lodge's

Reindeer Visits

We want you to love Lapland as much as we do and invite you to join us for a reindeer visit and learn a little bit about Sami culture. We offer a variety of activities depending on the lodge your staying at. What they all have in common is that you will greet and meet our arctic friends in a genuine environment! 

*Available at: All Five Lodge's

Moose Visits

Come and meet the majestic king of the Swedish forest - the moose. We offer guided visits to the Arctic Moose Farm where you can pet, feed or even kiss a moose for a unique selfie! The visit is ended with homemade Swedish "fika" and warming coffee.

*Available at: GAR

Crosscountry Skiing

For those who are always on the go, we are here to teach you the Arctic way of getting there. Ask our staff for a cross-country ski lesson and go exploring on your own, or join a cross-country ski tour. Get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors the Lapland way.

*Available at: All Five Lodge's


Snowshoes are the perfect way to discover nature even when the snow is deep. Join a guided tour or explore our lodge's varying surroundings on your own. If you head out in the evening, there's a chance you'll see the magical northern lights!

*Available at: All Five Lodge's

Ice Fishing

This experience begins on one of our many lakes and rivers with you drilling your own hole in the ice. If you're lucky, you can catch your own dinner! Arctic char, trout, grayling or whitefish are some examples of what can hide under the frozen water. Good luck!

*Available at: All Five Lodge's

Ice Buggy

If you love ice cold speed, this is the slippery adventure for you! Drive your own ice buggy on plowed tracks directly on the frozen river and race against your friends.

Note: No driving under the age of 15.

*Available at: PTL and ARL


Compete against friends and family in the Arctic version of go-kart - Ice-kart! A speedy and fun activity on our plowed ice loop. Start with a test run - then the race is on!

Note: No driving under the age of 15.

*Available at: GAR


A visit to Torne Valley is not complete without a traditional Swedish sauna! The perfect way to unwind and warm up after a day of experiences and activities. Each lodge has their own unique sauna with the option to book private sessions.

*Available at: All Five Lodge's


Sitting in a warm jacuzzi in winter time under the starry sky is truly total relaxation. If you're lucky, you may even see the dancing northern lights appear! This activity can only be booked for private sessions, so you and your family and friends can unwind together exclusively.

*Available at: All Five Lodge's

Ice Bath

Coming from the hot sauna and plunging into an ice bath is something for the brave. This chilling ritual is said to have good health effects, but most ice bathers tend to return to the heat of the sauna in a hurry!

*Available at: PTL and GAR

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