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Imagine a wedding ceremony above the treetops on Lapland View Lodge with the entire Torne Valley below you, or maybe a large birthday party for the whole family at Pinetree Lodge in the peaceful embrace of Särkimukka. We can offer you both, and more.

When it comes to weddings and parties, we know how important the location can be. Our five lodges with their unique features and locations are all excellent places to invite your friends and family, whatever the occasion. We will help you all the way in your planning if you want, so that everything turns out as you have envisioned your special moment, down to the smallest detail. Food and drink, accommodation, activities, entertainment - we got you covered. The priceless surroundings and views are on the house!


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We would love to be trusted to organize your big day! All of our five lodges with their different characters invite you to hold weddings and parties in genuine environments in the middle of nature. We can tailor everything from the wedding ceremony to the unforgettable party afterward, all based on your wishes.

*Available at: PTL, ARL, GAR

Private Parties

There's always reason to celebrate, and if you want to make it extra special, you've come to the right place. Whether you want to rent an entire lodge for a unforgettable birthday party or have a nice family dinner, we got you covered. Contact us with your request and we'll get the party started!

*Available at: All five Lodge's

Sauna & Jacuzzi

A real party in Torne Valley often starts and ends in the sauna!  Relaxing in the sauna or jacuzzi is a pleasant way to spend time and freshen up with your friends and family. All of our five facilities have their own unique sauna, jacuzzi and relax that you can book for private events.

*Available at: All five Lodge's

Lavvu (Teepee)

Welcome to our traditional Lavvu's for a different dining experience. Our cozy teepee's have room for 60-80 guests with a warming and calming fireplace in the middle. Perfect for weddings as well as family dinners or birthdays - regardless, we promise an atmospheric and unforgettable evening!

*Available at: ARL and GAR

Wooden "Kåta"

On the small island in the middle of lake Saarijärvii in Särkimukka you will find our wooden "kåta", equipped with a wood-burning stone oven and room for about 25 guests. Enjoy freshly baked pizza with your friends and family or a special wedding dinner with a local touch for the smaller wedding party.

*Available at: PTL

Aurora Hideaways

Spending your first night as a newlywed couple in one of our Aurora Hideaways is something you will never forget. Lie in comfortable beds with a glass of champagne under the stars and enjoy the scenery. If you wish upon a star, maybe the northern lights will play a wedding waltz in the sky for you?

*Available at: PTL, ARL and AML


Have you ever dreamed of having your own nightclub for an entire evening? At Grand Arctic Resort in Överkalix, it is possible. Decide on the evening's theme and dance the night away! Capacity for up to 180 people.

*Available at: GAR

Live Entertainment

If you want to brighten up your wedding, party or birthday with entertainment, there are several possibilities to choose from. Fine-tuned singing for the wedding, a live band or DJ for the party? Choose yourself and we'll make it happen.

*Available at: All five Lodge's

Special Proposals

Are you thinking of proposing to your sweetheart? Take the opportunity to do so during your stay and let us help you make it completely unforgettable and magical - the arctic way! We almost dare to guarantee a "YES" to 100%.

*Available at: All five Lodge's

Book your Special Moment!

We really hope you will trust us to make your wedding, party or other celebration special! Just click on the button below and send us a email with your request. We can't wait to meet you!

*Available at:    LVL: Lapland View Lodge    PTL: Pinetree Lodge    GAR: Grand Arctic Resort    ARL: Arctic River Lodge   AML: Aurora Mountain Lodge

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